Audition Dancewear leotards are designed with quality fabrics for comfort, fit and style.

Sylvie Leotard - Low Back Velvet Leotard - Audition Dancewear Quick shop
Carla Red Leotard- Scarlet with Black Mesh Quick shop
Aurélie Leotard - Velvet Print with Black Mesh Quick shop
Carla Leotard - Olive Green with Black Messh Quick shop
Yuan Yuan Velvet Low Back Leotard - Audition Dancewear Quick shop
Vanessa Leotard - Black Mesh Leotard - Audition Dancewear Quick shop

Top Picks & Essentials for the Dance Season

What our dance friends have to say about Audition Dancewear ...

Audition Dancewear leotards are classically designed and the best part is you always know they have been thoughtfully lined in all the right places! I feel confident and secure in them always!


I love the styles, fabrics, the comfort and most important the fit that Audition Dancewear provides in their leotards! As a pre professional student at Master Ballet Academy, I am in a leotard for most of the day and it is important to me that my leotard moves with me and is comfortable to wear for many hours.


I love the Carla Leotard. The cut and comfort is perfect for auditions or class. It is designed for movement for all styles of dance and I love that. This is one of my favorites. I have it in all the colors!


I love Audition Dancewear dance skirts for competitions. Their skirts stay in place while I dance. No moving around my waist!


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