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The Balancing Act

It's official!  We've made it through the first half of Fall Semester!  Are you leaping through the semester or are you having trouble finding balance at the barre?  We have a lot on our plates as dancers in training!  Between school and keeping our grades up, training like a beast and performing with grace, learning choreography and preparing for YAGP, and having some time with friends and family, we are BUSY! When I share that I train 40+ hours a week, people always ask how I have time for anything else! 

The answer is simple; it's very tricky!

Like our technique we have to be very intentional with our schedule.  Having a good solid schedule is super important.  Luckily I do school through iUniversity Prep! It allows me to study anywhere and at any time!  Most days I start school at The Dallas Conservatory at 10 am.  Each day we have different training opportunities like a stretching coach, meditation (great for learning how to focus and be still for a moment), proper foam rolling training, private lessons, and sometimes photo shoots and auditions get thrown into the mix!  We have a quick lunch and get our assigned academic lessons completed for the day.  Then our training classes pick up late in the afternoon and into the night.  Like many dancers, I train in all genres and even in voice and acting!  Each day my assignments are pre-planned and populate so I know exactly what I need to complete for the day.  It helps me stay on track and my teachers always respond quickly.  I even have a math tutor that comes weekly for a little extra help!

Most days I get home around 10:00 pm.  I'm pretty exhausted but l love the commute conversations I get to have with my parents.  It's a solid thirty minutes to an hour of time together each way.  We like talking about this crazy election, everyday stuff and listening to music together.  Our family day is Sunday and we always try to make the most of it!  We do a lot of prep work on Sunday's to plan healthy meals for the week.  We get the laundry put away and try to get organized.  We also try to have some fun together!  Today we went to see my friend, Emma Kay as Ariel in The Little Mermaid Jr! She was amazing and we had a great time!

I feel pretty lucky that I get to train with some of my best friends!  Even though we have a different kind of academic life, we still have a ton of fun!  My bestie, Mady Grobe and I have been too New York, California, and Galveston together this year for training and for fun!  We are friends first and competitors second!  It's not always easy but we make each other better!

As far as our week goes, we try and stay organized, but even with the best plans sometimes I don't quite get it all done.  Sometimes I get behind in my lessons.  Sometimes I'm not 100% focused in all my classes.  Sometimes I can't remember the Pythagorean theorem or what I'll use it for in real life.  Sometimes my family ends up eating out more than we cook. Sometimes my room is a disaster.  Sometimes I even get me cell phone taken away! No matter how perfect we train ourselves to be, sometimes we aren't.  That's when we learn to lean on our family and teachers and coaches.  We  try to not be so hard on ourselves; after all we are still "ballerinas in training"! 

I'd love to hear how you manage to balance life between dance, school, and a social life! Comment below with any tips you may have!  

Written By, 

Kali Kleiman
Audition Dancewear Ambassador