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Tips for your Nutcracker Audition

Tips for Your Nutcracker Audition

It's the time of year when ballet students start auditioning for The Nutcracker!  It's such an exciting time with everyone hoping for a great role and looking forward to working together to produce something special!  The night before an audition it can be hard to go to sleep so I start my bedtime routine a little earlier than normal! I like to take some time to really stretch and roll out any sore muscles I may have. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and then pick out which leotard I'm going to wear! This year I wanted to go with something high cut to make my legs feel longer.  I needed a color that would stand out and a neck line that would make me appear taller!  I didn't want anything too scrappy but instead something that would show off my muscle tone on my back!  Of course my @auditiondancewear Leo was perfect!  After that I add my essential oil, mint, to my humidifier, turn on my noise maker on the rain setting and then I crawl in bed!  

I wake up early to the alarm on my iPhone and take a minute to review my Insta account before I start getting ready!  I love seeing pictures of all the beautiful dancers around the world and being inspired by what they are up to!  After I have my shower, I do my bun while watching Netflix, probably Gilmore Girls!  It helps keep the butterflies away!  Then I prepare my dance bag and make sure I have and an extra pair of point shoes, foot roller, stretch band, extra tights, and a healthy snack like a banana.  I head downstairs and have breakfast with my brother and sisters.  They are always able to keep me laughing which helps distract my nerves!  I had pancakes for breakfast this year, but I just like to eat something yummy.  I don't watch what I eat because I burn it all off.  For me it's about eating what I like until I'm full, then I stop!  I also fill up my water bottles for the day...that's a must!  My mom checks me over and then we're off to the studio!  I'm feeling extra confident wearing my beautiful @auditiondancewear Leo!

I like to get there a little early to see my bestie's and start stretching!  We may make a Musically or a Boomerang while we wait for the auditions to begin. We are always having fun!  During the auditions, I make sure to watch the combinations carefully and nod my head so my teacher knows I am engaged in what they are teaching us!  I try to stand front and center and make sure I am always smiling!  A happy dancer is usually a more entertaining dancer to watch if she is enjoying herself!  After class I thank my teacher for class, and congratulate my friends on how beautifully they did!  We ALL work so hard!

The most difficult part is waiting for results to be posted! Happy dancing and Merde to everyone auditioning this season!

Written By, 

Kali Kleiman
Audition Dancewear Ambassador