Small Steps Make a Difference

My name is Isabella and I have been dancing in the UK for the last 8 years. I am currently dancing with Turning Pointe Dance Studios in Doncaster. I enjoy a variety of dance disciplines such as ballet, tap, modern and contemporary and have been attending associate programmes for several years in addition to my regular dance training where I am lucky to be taught by some of the UK's best industry professionals.

I am 13 years old and live at home with my mum, dad, little sister and my cat Bob! I have been home educated since the age of 6 and this gives me the opportunity to explore my interests such as photography, nature, health and fitness and of course dancing! Because I have a fairly flexible timetable, I am able to fit my hobbies in around my school work even if it means I sometimes take my maths class on a Sunday!

Like many young people, I am aware of the current climate crisis. I take an interest in environmental issues and it is something we talk about as a family. I have a particular interest in species extinction and it is something that worries me greatly. Climate activism has recently gained popularity amongst young people which I believe is a good thing as we are all talking about it and is the first step in trying to make a change in the world. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming as you wonder what you can personally do to make a difference to the environment but I do believe that taking small steps is better than taking none at all. Some of the things I have changed include:

I have stopped eating meat, since animal waste causes harmful air pollution and contributes one fifth of the world greenhouse gas emissions.

I cut out palm oil wherever possible as forests are burned to clear land resulting in forest fires and loss of habitat for native animals.

I research my skincare before I buy it. In the past I regularly used face wash containing micro beads which we know to cause micro plastic pollution in the oceans.

I try and reduce the amount of plastic I use. This is hard since in the UK it is nearly impossible to buy anything that isn't wrapped in plastic but I almost always pack a lunch if I know I might be tempted to buy something when I'm out for the day or at rehearsals. I also take a large refillable water bottle and fill it from the tap!

My family and I eco-brick! We participate in an eco-bricking scheme where we fill non-recyclable plastic bottles with washed and dried non-recyclable plastics. These bricks can then be used as building materials or donated to a local scheme as part of a bigger project. It is hard work but quite rewarding once you see all the plastic compacted into the bottle! It also makes you realise just how much plastic you use and it makes you use less as you know you have to deal with it!

Instead of buying Christmas cards, my family make a donation to a charity cutting back on paper waste.

I make good choices about the clothes I buy. I try to buy good quality items wherever possible and repair clothes rather than throw them away. When I look after my clothes they stay nicer for longer.

I love the idea of being able to buy dance wear made from recycled materials and it's really good to see a leading dance wear manufacturer like Audition Dance wear trying to make a difference.The leotards are gorgeous and it's definitely something that I would buy. The designs are perfect for class and audition