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"My number one tip for anyone auditioning is to always smile (even at barre!) and remember to always listen to the teacher’s small details. That will really make you stand out!"

Emma Cilke

"My best audition advice is to remember why you are auditioning - because you love to dance. If you just enjoy the dance, the adjudicators will enjoy watching you dance. "


"When you go to an audition stretch ahead of time and be positive! Stand in the front. Confidence is the key. Always wear something that you are comfortable in and have worn before." 

Layla Goodwin

“My advice for auditions is to focus on the things you can control rather than worrying about whether you will be accepted. Present yourself professionally, try your best to learn the combinations quickly, and don’t be afraid to stand in the front!”

Caroline Sowers

“I highly recommend getting to an audition as early as possible because it give you plenty of time to warmup and get accustomed to the space. Also, many judges are focusing a lot on performance quality, and not just technique, so making sure your movements are always full and your face is lifted can go a long way!”

Cora Miller

“Audition advice: before you do a step, close your eyes and just breathe, when you open them just go for it and give it your all.”

Kelsey Krissel

“My best audition advice is to dance like nobody is watching. Don’t pay too much attention to the judges, just keep the mindset that you need to try your best and if you didn’t make it the first time, there’s always a second time.”

Robyn Walters

“Never be afraid to dance from your heart at an audition. Feel the music and present yourself as you would on stage. Not only will the judge notice you, but you will feel less nervous. Enjoy every minute and remember why you love to dance.”

Caitlyn Feddock

“Go into every audition with the attitude that you are thankful for the opportunity to do what you love and try and find joy in the process no matter the outcome. Also, it helps to have your bestie/twin sissy by your side for support and encouragement!”

Addy & Lily Nicholson

“For auditions I recommend preparing yourself early. I recommend getting a good night sleep and eating a good breakfast the day of the audition. To be prepared I always bring an extra pair of pointe shoes! I also like to pack a small snack to eat right before the audition to give me energy.”

Julia Norr

“My best advice when going into an audition is to be completely yourself! Being genuine and putting your authentic self out there is the best way to stand out. Also, always be open minded and remember the little details your teachers give you!”

Lily Gentile

“My best advice for auditions is to not think of it as an audition, but as an opportunity to take class from a great teacher. Also make sure to not focus on anyone else and do your best! Most importantly, have fun!”

Sophia Sparrow

“Focus on yourself in the audition. Don’t compare yourself to any of the other dancers there because it isn’t productive. All you should be worried about in an audition is doing your personal best. Everyone stands out in a different way, so do your best make a good impression and to show them what you can do!”

Tricia Carmody

“Remember that it is only an audition and that everyone in the room has something they are lacking in or working hard on. Remember you are here to learn and enjoy the process. It is dance after all and if you are auditioning for a summer program you should love dance! Enjoy! When you are enjoying what you are doing it shows and the adjudicators can tell. Be you, be brave and dance!”

Grace Phillips

“The best advice I could give you before an audition is to make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. Also, make sure You have plenty of time to get ready and arrive a little early. The last thing you need is the added stress of traffic, or getting lost, or any number of things that could happen. By planning ahead and using good time management skills, you will be a few steps closer to nailing your audition.”

Lexie Hunsicker

“My audition advice is to wear something that makes you stand out. Whether it’s a bright leotard or a fun hair clip, you want the judges to notice you and find something to distinguish you by. That way later on they’ll think, “oh yeah that girl with the red bow had great lines” etc etc. Most importantly though, you want you and your dancing to stand out, so give it your all and exude confidence. Show the judges what makes you unique. Make them want that special quality you would bring to their company, summer program, or whatever it is you’re auditioning for. Merde!”

Nicole Young

“Be authentic, confident & be transparent - let them see who you are! Try to think about how you can stand out from the crowd, show them you really want it. Stand at the front of the room, listen, engage & don’t be afraid to show off your own uniqueness.”

Stephanie Kolmin -(nee Goldhahn)

“My best audition advice when arriving for auditions is you want to make sure you are professional. You are being judged from the minute you walk through the door! You need to make sure you are completely put together before going in, that means hair and makeup as well. To help you stand out wear something colorful or bright and don't forget to smile and have fun!”

Jaidyn Johns

“My best audition advice is to have confidence, take deep breaths, think positively, stand out by adding your own beautiful touch when you dance, show your love of dance, give your all and have a fun with the experience.”


“When auditioning, always try to wear standout dancewear, unless of course, auditions call for specific attire. It is best to showcase your personality and try to give them something to remember you by. Most importantly try to remain calm, and SMILE, the judges want to know you are genuinely excited about the opportunity at stake. Remember, most judges can sympathize and understand you are nervous. They probably started where YOU are right now! So, think positive thoughts and do your best. Everyone is rooting for you, even the judges, so give yourself a pep talk and root for yourself too! You got this!!!”

Jayleigh Hutchins

“When I reflect on my years as a young dancer, I'm so thankful that my parents allowed me to attend so many summer intensive auditions. Not only did they prepare me for future company auditions, but they also opened my eyes to various training styles. 

My first piece of advice would be to audition as much as you can. Keep an open mind, and maybe try out a place you might not have previously considered. You might be surprised by how much you like the teacher, the style, or the overall atmosphere. In the end, an audition goes both ways, because you are auditioning them as well.  

Secondly, be yourself! It might sound cliche', but these teachers go on huge audition tours and see many different dancers. What is going to make you stand out when compared to other dancers from all over the country? Sometimes being memorable has nothing to do with how high your extensions are or how many turns you can do. It is much more about how willing you are to take corrections, how quickly you pick up on the combos, and your artistry.

Ultimately an adjudicator is looking for potential. Don't put the pressure on yourself to be perfect. Be teachable, smile, wear your favorite leo, and show how much you love to dance.”

EmmaRose Forbus

Kali Kleiman

"Audition season is here!!! When auditioning this season make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, and make sure to visualize yourself applying all of the corrections you’ve been working on! Getting there early to stretch and get comfortable in the audition space helps me mentally prepare for a positive class! During the audition, I like to be bold and go in the first group and stand in the front and center If possible! Lastly, always know your audition number! I once didn’t know the auditioner was talking to me because I didn’t take note of my number until I looking at my reflection. Of course I didn’t flip the number and was embarrassed when the auditioner repeated my number several times to get my attention before a fellow dancer nudged me! “68”....Ummmm “68”....”68”!!! I thought I was 86! Good luck!"

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