We meet dancers all the time wearing Audition Dancewear leotards from 2-3 years ago (collections long since retired) ... They wear their leotards all the time and they still look brand new!

When you buy an Audition Dancewear leotard or dance skirt the first thing you will notice is the fabric and detailing. Our dancewear is made in the USA and the fabrics we use are a caliber you won't find at your average discounted dance store. 

The Nylon Spandex we use for our is of very high quality with the perfect weight. Additionally, our leotards are all lined in both child and adult sizes. The accent fabrics we use are also of the highest quality. Lace and mesh is more delicate by nature and can snag on jewelry, hair clips etc. Extra care must be taken with these fabrics. Heat from hot water or the dryer can damage elastic threads in theses fabrics. We recommend to hand wash or wash in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle in cold water with mild detergent and hang to dry.
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